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“Presenters Say The Darndest Things” Or Strange Statistics From The Last Business Presentation Survey

Friday, September 21st, 2012 by Simon<

The response to our 2012 Business Presentation Survey is building nicely from business both large and small and located in all corners of the globe.  Thank you to those who have been kind enough to give us 5 minutes of your time to complete the online survey…and for those who have yet to get around to it, here’s the link.

It was way back in 2010 that we last ran this important survey (the only one of it’s type as far as we know) and it threw up a number of remarkable statistics.  In a short series of “Presenters Say The Darndest Things“, we’ll highlight some of the remarkable things our research revealed.

Presentations are, in the main, unloved…

The survey highlighted that a whopping 25% of presentations are not reviewed more than once a year.  That is the equivalent of leaving your website/blog/sales collateral untouched for over a year…and then expecting it to still deliver.  In this time, all manner of things could (and probably would) have happened to your slide deck:

  • The message and content is out of date
  • Your brand may have moved on…and your primary sales tool is stuck in the ice age
  • “Creative” members of the team may have added or tweaked slides to give the presentation a completely different slant

In short, scary stuff…

Our advice?  Go and review your presentation now…  Right now…

Why? Because your business and your presenters deserve it…and, more importantly, so does your audience.

Corporate Presentations – Time to cut the B.S.

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 by Simon<

Everyone has the misfortune to hear “it”.

The use of “it” is rife amongst all businesses today.

It” is jargon.

BS Free ZoneCall it what you want – catchphrases, buzzwords or business speak – either way, it’s completely incomprehensible and certainly damaging to presentations.

Indeed, the use of business speak has become so prevalent that campaigns have been set up to try and prevent the use of such jargon. There’s even a yearly online award for the worst offenders.

It is time to stamp it out!

Next time you write a presentation, we implore you to look closely at what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

Then spend time to re-write it as simply as possible. After some soul searching, you’ll see that a very large proportion of your slides become more focussed and to the point. More importantly, they become easier to engage with and therefore much more likely to be understood.

As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself replacing “let’s run it up the flagpole” with “without leverage we won’t synergise” then you clearly need our help!  If not, read on for some common mistakes and how to tackle them.

Missing the point

Long words and incomprehensible sentences cloud your message. These tend to be used by people who are desperately trying to jazz up a presentation (you know who you are!).

Remember – the most effective way of communicating is the most basic.

Over complicate and over promise

The hard sell just doesn’t work.

Business people are generally intelligent folk. If you show them the facts in a clear, consultative manner, they can see for themselves the benefits of your proposal. 

Go on…show you audience some respect and give it a go.


A presentation is about getting a message across.

The more attentive an audience, the more of the message will be absorbed. Now we’re not for one minute suggesting you perform magic tricks or show off with some juggling…just remember that long-winded business jargon is a surefire way of terminally boring the audience.

In Summary…

Your presentation is an opportunity to communicate, convince and instigate change. It’s a priviledge that shouldn’t be underestimated by the presenter.

Your audience are a captive audience, at least at the start of your presentation. The best way to lose them is to overcomplicate the delivery.

Tell your story in simple ways and in your own style – this will ensure you really get that message across

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 File Corruption Problem

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 by Matt<

If you’ve noticed PowerPoint behaving a little oddly over the past few days, panic not!  This rather irritating “new feature” is down to recent Microsoft update.  When will they learn?! 

The problems are limited to PowerPoint 2003 users who may get the following error message when opening a file:


The end result is that some elements of the PowerPoint template are no longer displayed in the presentation.  You might also find some text boxes on slides will have unwanted lines around them.

The good news is that there is a way to fix this is to remove the offending update. To do this:

  1. Go to your Start menu and type in the search bar “Add or Remove Programs”’ (or alternatively find your way through to the Control Panel).
  2. Open this tool.
  3. Select the “View installed updates” option
  4. Then in the search bar type “KB2464588” – you should then be able to uninstall the offending update.

We will publish news on a permanent fix once this is available from Microsoft. 

For those PowerPoint users in a bit of a flap that cannot remove the offending update due to time or IT department restrictions, we would recommend the following temporary solution:

  1. Find a PC that has not been updated (!)
  2. Access your PowerPoint deck
  3. Save the file as .jpg images.  Whilst these are “flat” unanimated slides, at least you’ll be able to present your masterpiece in one way or another.

Oh, of course…if you don’t have access to a non-updated PC, then please give the team a call and we’d be happy to do this for you free of charge…because that’s what nice companies do.

4 in 10 – Visual Impact

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 by Simon<

Imagine a presentation with no pictures, just words…very dull indeed (we know because we’ve seen plenty!) 

Paint SplashAny good presentation makes the most of visual imagery, yours must do so too.

10 in 10 – PowerPoint & Presentation Tips Everyday for the Next 2 Weeks

Monday, February 15th, 2010 by Simon<

10 Commandments - FramedOK – let’s get something straight – writing a presentation is not an easy task. 

We recognise that writing a presentation takes a lot of time and effort. It can be both stressful and frustrating. And what do you get at the end?

Well, the benefits can be pretty impressive – a new sale, a new client, a happy team and impressed investors (not to mention a sense of pride in a job well done).  On the flip side, get it wrong and you’re facing lost clients, unhappy and confused staff, wary investors… 

So for every solitary bod out there wringing their hands in desperation (and, with an estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations being created EVERY DAY, you’re not on your own), we’d like to offer some support.  

These tips are based on our experience with helping clients across the globe with their important presentations – with people like Adobe, Microsoft and Unilever taking note of these ideas, we think they’re worth listening to!

We’ll be dishing out 1 tip per day for the next 10 working days

Call them what you will (The 10 Presentation Commandments?), we just hope they prove helpful as you hone and polish your latest PowerPoint presentation.  Who knows what they will bring!  

All the best,

The Eyeful Team x

Is free always bad?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009 by Simon<

Strange question maybe, but sadly a lot of the free stuff we see given away is pretty low quality. It could be old gubbins that someone is trying to get rid of because no-one will buy it or it could just be so cheap that it makes no odds to give it away free.free_sign

Unsurprisingly the best free stuff is that which you would actually pay something for and, most importantly, which you will get some value out of.

One thing there are a large number of free (and frequently revolting) examples of is PowerPoint presentation templates. Google it and the examples of general awfulness (that is a genuine word) are bountiful.

So, just for the fun of it, we thought we’d design a template of such high quality and beauty that you’d happily pay for it…and then give it away. Free, gratis and for nothing.

The template is themed around Media.  Simply request a copy here, we’ll send it a copy of it through to you and you can start using to your heart’s content.

Oh, and keep checking back as this is only the first of some good quality free stuff that we’ll be offering to you, our dear Blog readers…