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Why should you listen to us?

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 by Justine<

Here at Eyeful we’ve built a bit of a reputation when it comes to knowing a thing or two about presentations and we’re proud to have grown from a back bedroom to a company with six international offices in less than a decade.

Over that time we’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes covering every speciality and business sector you can imagine (and some that you probably can’t). Once you wade through the diversity of our customers there are some things that they all have in common, they all contacted us, they all listened to what we had to say and they all left with a fantastic presentation.

But pulling in the punters the first time is only half the game, to use a phrase we’re very fond of here at Eyeful Towers ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and with well over 80% of our customers returning for seconds it seems we’ve got the recipe right.

So, what about those companies that never contacted Eyeful? Why should they be any more interested in The Presentation Lab book than they are in Eyeful Presentations and who the hell do we think we are telling them how their presentation should be and hawking the book at them left, right and centre?

In traditional Eyeful fashion we’re tackling this one head on.

Here Simon shares his credentials with the world and explains why it’s worth the naysayers taking a twenty quid punt on finding out just what makes an Eyeful presentation so special.



Sales Enablement –The Debunking Begins

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by Justine<

Sales Enablement is a hot topic, and as is want to happen when something becomes big news, there are thousands of pages of wisdom on the subject. But thousands of pages don’t necessarily equate to answers that make sense for you, and your business, right now.

Well known for our inquiring minds, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper into this murky netherworld to try and find out what it’s all about. In true Eyeful style we’re sharing the results of our investigation with our lovely readers, starting tomorrow we’ll be airing our insights on some of the key issues and we’ll be topping the whole thing off with a lovely new whitepaper which will be available to download next Monday.

So for those of you bamboozled by Sales Enablement ‘science’, unsure of whether there’s anything of worth hidden in the arguments or simply embraced by curiosity, watch this space and we will reveal all…


US Presentation Consultants Wanted

Friday, November 22nd, 2013 by Justine<

Eyeful Presentations has built an enviable worldwide reputation for delivering the very best in presentation consultancy and design.

From humble beginnings we’ve created a business that now stands at the forefront of innovation and imagination and is making a real impact on global business communications.

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for us, our MD Simon Morton’s eagerly anticipated book, The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations, is hitting the shelves in February and it’s already making waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

We’re currently looking for US based communication consultants to join our team. We need people who share our passion for presentations to join us on what we know will be an exciting journey.

We can sum up our success in one word – Eyefulocity. All our people have it…and it’s what makes our customers love us.  If you believe that business presentations deserve to be engaging and would welcome a little Eyefulocity into your life, drop us a line



Beware of Presentationstein….

Thursday, October 31st, 2013 by Justine<

Regular readers will know how we love to wrap serious messages in seasonal frivolity.

So without further ado, here’s a Halloween offering about one of the scariest (and least effective) of presentation shockers….Presentationstein

Turn the sound up, sit back and prepare to be horrified at what could well be happening to your presentation…

P.S. If the whole thing looks spookily familiar, simply breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth thinking happy thoughts until the panic dies down…..then get in touch and we’ll help you lay the monster to rest.


Whistleblower – The Results Are In

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 by Justine<

It’s been a while now since we opened our doors to all those who have suffered in the face of poor presentations and if we’re honest, we still haven’t quite recovered.

Our whistleblower campaign was, depending on your perspective either a resounding success or an embarrassing failure.

While we’re sure that the whistleblowers themselves felt better we’re also sure that anyone who gives presentations could well be in for a shock.

It’s taken us a while to fully digest the responses and while we’ve kept you entertained with some of the ‘highlights’ it’s only now that we can reveal the full horror of want we uncovered.

So grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and click through this link to hear our MD Simon Morton and marketing guru Justine Smith reveal all….


Selling With Stories

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 by Justine<

Nestled between the excitement of holidays and the anticipation of Christmas, autumn is a challenging time of year for sales teams everywhere. It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm as the nights draw in and the leaves begin falling – but there’s still work to be done, and targets to be met.

Webinar logoMany of you will be about to embark on the annual trawl through the lost opportunities of spring but before you pick up the phone it’s time to review why they were lost in the first place and what new offering you have for them. Maybe they have decided to defer their investment until next year or maybe you just failed to make a connection, and if you couldn’t connect in spring, how will you connect in autumn?

Many sales teams will have been using the same collateral for almost a year and that’s a long time in business. Products and services change and evolve constantly and your customers’ needs and expectations do too.

Here at Eyeful we know that making your sales team achieve that final push is easier than you might think, all it takes to breathe new life into lagging sales is a little fresh thinking.

With this in mind we’ve put together an autumnal update webinar designed to breathe new life into sales teams everywhere.

We’ll help you understand your audience better, reinvigorate your sales, explain why slides are out and stories are in and give you all the tips you’ll need to communicate effectively anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

It’s not about airy fairy strategies and fanciful ideas, it’s about the stuff that works and brings real results.

It’s free to attend simply click through the links below to register and we’ll help you make those sales.

September 30th 12.00 GMT

September 30th 17.00 GMT


Fooling Some Of The People, Some Of The Time – Or Not

Friday, August 16th, 2013 by Justine<

A couple of recent news stories have given us pause for thought here at Eyeful Towers. Firstly it seems a Chinese zoo has been replacing exotic animals with domestic ones and secondly a new species of mammal has just been ‘discovered’ despite an example living in Washington Zoo for a number of years.

While this may seem, at first, to have little relevance to presentations but these are both great examples of how an audience (and a number of experts) can be lead merrily along the garden path, and what happens when they realise.

Respecting your audience is key to bringing them around to your way of thinking. If you underestimate the effort needed to engage and retain them, you’ve already lost them.

So when is a lion not a lion? In this example the simple answer would be ‘when it’s a dog’.  It’s easy to look at this story and suspect that it’s ridiculous, but it wasn’t just the lion they replaced. The dog masquerading as a wolf could easily pass unnoticed (unless it was a miniature poodle) but dogs were also playing the part of leopards, while coypu (the largest of the guinea pig family) were labelled as snakes.

Which leads me to wonder just how long they really got away with it?

Audiences are not stupid, but as human beings we are usually reticent to contradict what we’ve been told by an ‘expert’. We’re likely to be suspicious and unbelieving but unlikely to do anything about it. We know something isn’t right but won’t speak out just in case we make fools of ourselves. So we quietly decide that the whole thing is rubbish and get on with our lives.

Your audience will react in exactly the same way if they believe you’re running fast and loose with facts and figures or if they start to question your integrity. If part of your presentation seems fudged it’s likely that your audience will ignore the whole thing – and you’ll never even know.

As for the mystery mammal now officially named the olinguito, it seems that the creature itself went a long way to pointing out the mistake by refusing to mate with the olingos it was housed with.

Unfortunately the experts who misidentified it weren’t taking any notice.

If you’re not taking any notice of your audience you’re unlikely to be able to communicate effectively with them.

Before you even begin to bring your presentation together you need to know your audience, who they are, what motivates them and why they should care about what you’re saying. And it doesn’t end there if you don’t pay attention to them while presenting you won’t know if they’re not engaged and therefore, you’ll be unable to react by adjusting your content and style to bring them back.

Fortunately we can help with both these problems without anyone having to study for a zoology degree. If you think you may have lost (or maybe never even found) your audience just give us a call.



The Whistleblowing continues

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 by Justine<

Last week we offered everyone a chance to blow the whistle on poor presentations and it seems that this is just the sort of cathartic release that PPSD (post presentation stress disorder) sufferers need to help them move on with their lives.

The replies so far have covered the complete remit of human emotion and are helping us get a (quite ugly if we’re honest) picture of the state of business presentations today.

In recognition of the fact that there are so many others who need our help, we’ve decided to extend the deadline, so that those of you yet to unburden yourselves can experience the blessed relief that comes with sharing.

Ending the suffering is easy, just click through this link and fill in a simple form. It’s easy and there’s no need to plan a complicated escape route, start contacting far flung embassy’s or console yourself to living in an airport…..


From D-Day to BGT via the TT

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 by Justine<

The last seven days have been a real ‘tour de force’ for anyone interested in communication. I’m not talking about cutting edge tech or new software – the last week has highlighted the very best in simple, effective communication. So the next time you’re presenting it might be worth remembering simpler times….

This whole train of thought was set in motion by the story of Gustav and the important role he played during D-Day. Gustav delivered the first news from the Normandy beaches back to the UK.

But Gustav wasn’t a radio operator, an encryption specialist or a spy – Gustav was a pigeon. During one of the most complex and dangerous military campaigns of all time, the first indication of how things were progressing was delivered by a pigeon.

The fact that Gustav was given the Dickin Medal for his efforts (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross) shows just how important this communication was.

In a situation more complicated, dangerous and challenging than anything you’ll ever face in a boardroom, effective communication came down to paper, pencil and pigeon.

Communicating by flags is not a new idea either and one of the most impressive examples of how this simple system works when others would fail was seen last week at the Isle of Man TT.

The TT presents some unique communication challenges – the riders are spread out along the 37.73 mile course, they are all wearing helmets and ear plugs, and they are travelling at speed (130mph or thereabouts). Houses, hedgerows, moorland and mountains all pass by faster than the human brain can thoroughly process them. Catching the riders’ attention without causing an accident is no mean feat – and the safety of everyone concerned relies on flags.

With an audience focussed on winning the most dangerous race in the world, effective, safe communication comes down to a stick and some cloth.

Which brings us surprisingly to Britain’s Got Talent and the 2013 winners Attraction. Attraction won by using one of the oldest communication mediums available – shadow theatre.

Believed to have originated in the Han Dynasty China (206BC – 220AD) shadow theatre has been used for centuries to convey complex, emotive stories. It works because it does not require the audience to be literate or share a common language with the presenter (making it perfect for the plethora of BGT audience jokes that I am studiously avoiding).

So when your audience doesn’t understand your language, does effective communication come down to prancing about in a leotard?

Well, much to my personal relief, the answer’s no. But shadow theatre is the pinnacle of visual communication and achieves a level of audience connection and investment that we should aspire to with every image, chart and graph we include in our presentations.


Guest Blog – Apple Product Development Animation

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 by Simon<

Despite a comparitively bumpy ride recently, Apple continues to be held up as an example to businesses the world over.

They inspire, they lead and they challenge…

So it was with interest that we were contacted by Emily Stewart of OnlineMBA who wanted to share her insight into Apple using a strong story structure supported by simple animation.

Whilst there will always be debate around a brand as emotionally charged as Apple (just check out the comments on the YouTube clip) but as a presentation approach, we think it works a treat and worthy of a spot in our week of Guest Blogs (yep, even the marker squeak!).

Let us know what you think…