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New Horizons For The Presentation Lab

Thursday, August 28th, 2014 by Justine<

In the last ten years we’ve worked with customers on every continent except Antarctica. Working in new territories is always exciting and we’ve (mostly) enjoyed facing the challenges and opportunities that international working brings.

Our presentation consultancy service works so well because we take the time to get to know our customers, their businesses and their competitive environment and when this involves a new country it often throws up some interesting considerations.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing, we’ve been almost tripped up by cultural differences, learned to assume nothing about emerging markets and occasionally experienced some amusing diversions caused by language and terminology.

When we made our first forays into Russia we soon found out that the phrase ‘Death By PowerPoint’ has only a very literal translation and through our blog comments we know that ‘Giddy as a Kipper’ is not a phrase that travels well (if at all).

What we do know is that everyone we work with has the same goal – to improve their presentations and make new and lasting connections with their audiences.

Almost as soon as The Presentation Lab Book was finished we learned that it would be printed in Spanish as well as English, which at the time caused almost as much excitement at Eyeful Towers as the book itself.

Just this week we have learned that the book will now also be available in Korean so we donned our ‘enquiring minds need to know’ hats and set out to find out more….

The first surprise came from learning that despite it being an isolate language (one that has no known relationship to any other language) there are approximately 80 million speakers worldwide – which is quite a big audience to get to know!

The Republic of Korea is home to the first cloned dog; an Afghan hound named Snuppy and has the second largest Chocolate Museum in the World. Every year people travel from around the globe to experience the Boryeong Mud Festival and Gangnam Style is the most watched music video of all time. All very interesting, but what about business?

Well it seems that Korea has lots of surprises here too. The 2014 OECD Pisa tests ranked South Korea as having the best education system in the world and that’s not the only place they excel. Soeul is ‘the bandwidth capital of the world’ with residents benefitting from an infrastructure investment that gives them the fastest internet connection on the planet and in urban areas 100 Mbit/s services are the average standard, and are currently being improved. Korean car manufacturers were the first to offer (and honour) extended warranties and Korean made electronics are household items around the world.

It seems fair to say that Korea is one of the big boys when it comes to impacting global commerce, they’re not about to rest on their laurels and they love chocolate, which makes them just the sort of people that we love to work with.

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Smarta Webchat – Simon Reveals All

Friday, January 24th, 2014 by Justine<

Regular readers will know that back in October we were extraordinarily excited by our success in making the grade as a Smarta 100 winner.

Making the an impact in the category ‘Best People’ was a great endorsement of what we (and our customers) have known all along – great people make great things happen.

The Eyeful Story has been quite a journey. From a back bedroom enterprise to six international offices (and a book) in ten years is something of an achievement and just the kind of thing that many start-ups dream of.

For us it wasn’t a planned journey and it wasn’t always an easy one either, but we got there and cemented our place as one of the best presentation consultancy and design providers in the world.

On Wednesday 29th January at 12.30 Simon Morton will be sharing his experiences, answering questions about how Eyeful managed to become a global force and offering advice on how to (and how not to) take your business to the next level. Hosted by our lovely friends at Smarta the webchat is free to attend and asking questions is easy…simply click through this link to join in.

Eyeful Towers welcomes Russian Presentation Enthusiasts

Thursday, March 14th, 2013 by Liz<

The team at Eyeful Towers was delighted to welcome a delegation of presentation enthusiasts all the way from chilly Moscow recently.

The merry band came to us courtesy of, a Moscow-based presentation skills and technology community headed by the lovely Vera Kovaleva.

Our MD Simon was honoured to speak at their annual conference last year so it was great to be able to return the favour and show them some UK hospitality (we even dug out the posh biscuits).

Presentation Perestroika

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 by Justine<

We’re very proud of our growing global presence and relish the challenges this poses us everyday. The project management team are well versed in dealing with different time zones, geographic trends and the occasional language barrier…but there’s always room for improvement.

So when we saw that the lovely folk at UK Trade and Investment were running a free workshop on Russian Language for Beginners, we jumped at the chance to skill up!

Project Management Team Leader, Vicki attended the day earlier this month:

“When I heard about the course I was excited and also quite nervous – Russian is a complicated language and it’s not like I could even recognise the letters of the alphabet. I am really glad I went though. I was surprised at how many other businesses in the East Midlands have links to Russia and were on the course.”

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of talking to or working with Vicki, she can be a bit shy.  Worry not, her ever supporting chums in the design team tweaked the photo to ensure you could see her in all her glory:

Over the next few weeks Vicki will be sharing her new found skills and chatting to all of our lovely Russian customers (or indeed anyone who fancies practicing their Russian!)





Panic Over – Eyeful Arrives in Europe

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 by Simon<

The EU has had a tough time of it over the last few years.  Economies wobbling, internal squabbles among member states and the perennial debate over how bendy a banana should be (no, really – see here).

No fun for anyone…

However 2013 looks like all of this cross continent tension could be a thing of the past.  The reason?  EyefulPresentations.EU has landed.

You see, we have a sneaking suspicion that much of the recent turmoil is down to poor communication and a dearth of engaging visuals.  Granted, this might be over simplifying the internal workings of one of the World’s most complex and powerful economic entities…but we feel it’s worth a punt.

Either way, we believe the launch of our new EU website is good news for all European businesses.  With us supporting your business through our Presentation Optimisation methodology, you can at least tick of “clearly communicate with prospects and customers” off your to-do list.*

* We know it works because it’s going down a treat with the Dutch, Irish and Eastern European customers.

To learn more about our ability to support companies across Europe, simply visit the website or give us a call.

Merci/Vielen Dank etc etc


Russian Presentation Revolution

Friday, November 30th, 2012 by Simon<

It’s been a while since I personally blogged (the high quality of the blogs for the last 9 months or so is testament to this!) but, having just returned from another fulfilling trip to Russia, I’m inspired to do so…

I was privileged to be asked over by our Eyeful Russia team to speak at a large seminar in Kaliningrad where the entire 4 hours were dedicated to presentations and the changes that are afoot in terms of technology, approach and technique.

This immediately struck a chord with me.

The Russian business community has grasped the importance of getting presentations right.  They understand the issues thrown up day after day in the West as a result of The Presentation Paradox and Death by PowerPoint…and don’t want to fall into the same trap.

There were a series of media interviews afterwards and a common question from all was “how can we ensure Russia catches up with the West in terms of presentations?“.  The simple answer is that they need not worry.

Whilst Russian presenters are focussing their energies on building compelling and engaging stories to support their message, the vast majority of their Western counterparts are wrestling with which whacky animation to build into their next huge PowerPoint deck.

Possibly the most inspiring fact I learned was that Russians do not yet have a phrase that conveys “Death by PowerPoint”.  Long may this be the case.

Without wanting to sound too dramatic, the presentation revolution has started…and that’s great news for audiences across Russia.

From Russia With Love – Should Western Presenters Be Worried..?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 by Simon<

I recently returned from a visit to our Russian office (  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with our growing band of Russian customers a few times recently but this last trip was special in a number of different ways.

Firstly because I think the trip was proof positive that our Presentation OptimisationTM methodology has truly become international.  Over the years we’ve made no bones about how it has successfully supported our customers in the UK, US and Europe…but Russia is a different proposition completely and yet it STILL works.

How is it different?

Well of course there are the obvious things – the language (one I think I will always struggle to comprehend – thank God for the power of finger pointing accompanied with a smile), the frankly incomprehensible (to me at least) Cyrillic alphabet and, most importantly, the business culture.

Russia, along with much of Eastern Europe, is gripped with an enviable entrepreneurial zeal.  Their collective hunger for development and engagement is everywhere but perhaps no more obvious at the local business school.  I was privileged to be asked to speak to an audience made up of MBA students and perhaps the most remarkable thing was the type of questions I was asked at the end of the talk.

I’m used to questions that pit PowerPoint vs. other slideware or ask for my views on the use of tablet PCs as part of the sales presentation process.  The questions I was asked after the seminar were a little more disarming:

Why bother presenting on screen at all?  Why not just talk through a brochure?

Why are bullet points so bad?

These fundamental questions were then followed up with more tech-savvy questions:

How do I use presentations to support our social media strategy?

What impact has The Cloud had on presenting in other areas of the World?

In short, Russia has skipped a step in it’s business presentation development.

The good news is that they have a very good chance of skipping that awful “Death by PowerPoint” phase that has dogged Western businesses for the last decade and actually jumping straight to the stage enjoyed by only a few enlightened companies in the West.  That is, the use of business presentations to deliver focused, engaging messages in an effective and memorable fashion on the audiences’ terms.

Reviewing the presentation projects we’ve completed to date makes for an interesting statistic.  Over 80% of the PowerPoint projects we have worked in Russia have included “repurposing” to other formats like Flash or Video with voiceover.  This is not the norm in the West and, to me, points to a thinking that is unencumbered with the incessant corporate PowerPoint prejudices we hear so much about in Europe and the US:

In Russia, they want their messages to engage with their audience whenever and wherever they may be.

In the West, we’re still debating which template to use.

So ultimately I’m left excited about Russian business people and their willingness to learn and try new things.  My original fears that Presentation OptimisationTM couldn’t travel have been disproved by their open-minded approach and entrepreneurial spirit – check out this post workhop interview as a living example.

My concluding point references a recent quote from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner who said the following:

“Presentations are one of the main ways in which professionals capture and share their experiences and knowledge, which in turn helps shape their professional identity”

The willingness of the Russian market to understand and respond to the value of good business presentations is more in line with this thinking that the majority of business presenters in the West.  This thinking, coupled with entrepreneurial passion, should have a few in the West worried.

Now is the time to step out of the “old way” and re-think your presentation strategy…before an overseas competitor does it for you.

Nice People Saying Nice Things (In Russian)

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 by Justine<

On his recent trip to our Russian office, Simon and Kristina also managed to catch up with Alexei from LiteForex to find out what he thought about working with Eyeful Presentations.

The talented linguists amongst you can enjoy Alexei telling you all about the Presentation Optimisation process below. For everyone else I can assure you that it’s all good!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Nice People Saying Nice Things In Russia

Thursday, May 17th, 2012 by Justine<

We’ve kept no secret of our excitement of launching Eyeful Russia.

So, along with clean underwear and an up-to-date visa, we made sure that our MD Simon packed his fancy recording equipment when making his latest trip over to Russia.

Like you, we were keen to hear exactly what our new customers thought of the Presentation Optimisation process as well as learn just how Eyeful was making a difference to Russian businesses and their presentations.

Over to our intrepid reporter, Simon Morton (I’ve always wanted to say that…):

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

UK Presentation Experts Expand into Russia

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 by Justine<

As one of the World’s leading presentation specialists, Eyeful Presentations is proud to announce the opening of new offices in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Based in leafy Leicestershire, Eyeful Presentations has always had a truly international flavour. The Russian office is joining their established international offices in the US and The Netherlands ensuring improved accessibility for their fast growing global customer base.

Simon Morton, MD, has this to say:

“We’re really excited to be introducing our skills to such a rapidly growing market. There is a real energy in Russian business at the moment, they are eager to import the best products and services that the world has to offer and we’re happy to help!

In fact I’ve already been out to one of Russia’s top business schools in response to an invite that arrived even before our official launch and spoken to them about our experience, ideas and plans for the Russian market.

Eyeful Presentations has always been at the forefront of breaking new ground when it comes to presentations and we’ve never been afraid to venture into new territories either.

Having already worked with Russian companies including LiteForex and Re&Solutions Management and the UK office of Gazprom, we know that our Presentation Optimisation methodology travels well, with the power of storytelling transcending language barriers.”

Kristina Sagneeva will be in charge of the Russian office and is excited about what Eyeful can do to help Russian business:

“Russian businesses are just beginning to understand that their presentations need to reflect their business by being quality communications in their own right. Eyeful is giving Russian businesses the same high level of presentations that their international competitors already enjoy.”

Since 2004 Eyeful Presentations has grown from a one man band to a global team of specialist consultants and designers, proving that it is possible to overcome the global economic downturn. So how has this been achieved? According to Simon it’s actually quite simple

“We do what we do really well, we always go the extra mile for our customers and we never forget to enjoy ourselves.”

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