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A Personal View on Eyeful Europe

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 by Simon<

The launch day excitement regarding Eyeful Germany has slowly subsided here at Eyeful Towers. The pre-launch fine-tuning, spell-checking and frantic conversations about foreign language Search Engine Optimisation has given way to a post-launch zen-like state.

This short breather has allowed me some time to ponder Eyeful’s growth overseas. Frankly, an international presence was never part of the plan – a quick glance at what could be loosely described as a business plan from 10 years ago makes no mention of expansion overseas whatsoever.

So why, after 10 years, have we ended up with presence in North America, Russia, Ireland, Holland and now Germany? Some of it was grabbing hold of the opportunity when it arose (Russia and Ireland), some of it was planned (Holland) and some because our customers demanded support over there (North America).

Some of these international experiments have been a great success, some less so. The difference? An appetite to challenge the status quo and push presentations forward – some parts of the world have it, some don’t (yet).

Which brings me to the excitement I personally feel for our expansion in Europe. Despite differences in language, cultures and (for the foreseeable future!) currency, the UK feels more aligned to the countries of Europe than anywhere else in the World. In much the same way as when I started working with Sander in Holland to build out a team of presentation experts back in 2011, expansion of our offering into Germany doesn’t feel like a ‘land grab’. It’s deeper than that – it’s more akin to building the team than breaking new ground.clogs

In my opinion, much of this comes down to culture. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some huge European based brands over the years and have spotted a pattern around a shared culture.

Irrespective of language (the majority of our Presentation Optimisation engagements are carried out in English but many aren’t) there was a common understanding that the work we were doing was important, valid and relevant. European customers truly recognise the value of great presentations and are hungry to look beyond our undoubted design skills to something more involved and ultimately satisfying*. It’s no coincidence that the concept of The Presentation Landscape came from a tour of businesses in Holland.

Hence the excitement as we open up new opportunities in Europe – the shared enthusiasm for great presentations is infectious. It’s driving us to raise our game, throwing more time, energy and resources at innovating on behalf of our customers. Europe is awash with businesses that want to push audience engagements past the trite ‘storytelling’ and ‘lipstick on a pig’ techniques of old and grasp new approaches such as Blended Presenting. Their hunger combined with our insight and experience can only benefit audiences across the Continent.

Our experience shows that Europe is ready for the challenge…and so are we.

* It’s interesting to note that sales of The Presentation Lab in Europe dwarf those across the rest of the World. Some of this could be attributed to local marketing (our own and the publishers) but I wager a general appetite to think beyond PowerPoint slide design also has a part to play.

Smarta Webchat – Simon Reveals All

Friday, January 24th, 2014 by Justine<

Regular readers will know that back in October we were extraordinarily excited by our success in making the grade as a Smarta 100 winner.

Making the an impact in the category ‘Best People’ was a great endorsement of what we (and our customers) have known all along – great people make great things happen.

The Eyeful Story has been quite a journey. From a back bedroom enterprise to six international offices (and a book) in ten years is something of an achievement and just the kind of thing that many start-ups dream of.

For us it wasn’t a planned journey and it wasn’t always an easy one either, but we got there and cemented our place as one of the best presentation consultancy and design providers in the world.

On Wednesday 29th January at 12.30 Simon Morton will be sharing his experiences, answering questions about how Eyeful managed to become a global force and offering advice on how to (and how not to) take your business to the next level. Hosted by our lovely friends at Smarta the webchat is free to attend and asking questions is easy…simply click through this link to join in.

Take the Stage, Sander…

Friday, May 31st, 2013 by Justine<

Last week saw our intrepid European colleague Sander Reijn take the stage at a Socius Business Community seminar in Amsterdam.

Sanders’ 90 minute slot allowed him to wax lyrical on the Presentation Paradox and Blended Presenting and, if we know anything about him at all, get a little over excited!

He showed his Eyeful pedigree by sharing the type of presentation tips that other experts keep hidden away (no future in espionage for us Eyefulites I’m afraid). Using examples of our industry leading Presentation OptimisationTM methodology to highlight his message, Sander gave the audience some real food for thought.

With 40 attendees from a wide range of industry sectors engaging with every attendee was a challenge that Sander rose to – in true Eyeful style.

Sanders’ passion and enthusiasm is something to behold and his animated presentation style really connected with the audience. Fortunately we managed to grab one picture where he wasn’t a complete blur of energy….

sander in action

UK Presentation Experts Expand into Russia

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 by Justine<

As one of the World’s leading presentation specialists, Eyeful Presentations is proud to announce the opening of new offices in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Based in leafy Leicestershire, Eyeful Presentations has always had a truly international flavour. The Russian office is joining their established international offices in the US and The Netherlands ensuring improved accessibility for their fast growing global customer base.

Simon Morton, MD, has this to say:

“We’re really excited to be introducing our skills to such a rapidly growing market. There is a real energy in Russian business at the moment, they are eager to import the best products and services that the world has to offer and we’re happy to help!

In fact I’ve already been out to one of Russia’s top business schools in response to an invite that arrived even before our official launch and spoken to them about our experience, ideas and plans for the Russian market.

Eyeful Presentations has always been at the forefront of breaking new ground when it comes to presentations and we’ve never been afraid to venture into new territories either.

Having already worked with Russian companies including LiteForex and Re&Solutions Management and the UK office of Gazprom, we know that our Presentation Optimisation methodology travels well, with the power of storytelling transcending language barriers.”

Kristina Sagneeva will be in charge of the Russian office and is excited about what Eyeful can do to help Russian business:

“Russian businesses are just beginning to understand that their presentations need to reflect their business by being quality communications in their own right. Eyeful is giving Russian businesses the same high level of presentations that their international competitors already enjoy.”

Since 2004 Eyeful Presentations has grown from a one man band to a global team of specialist consultants and designers, proving that it is possible to overcome the global economic downturn. So how has this been achieved? According to Simon it’s actually quite simple

“We do what we do really well, we always go the extra mile for our customers and we never forget to enjoy ourselves.”

For Further Information

Press Releases Webpage – click here

Eyeful Russia – click here

Eyeful Goes Dutch – The Launch Webinar

Monday, September 19th, 2011 by Justine<

As part of our continued excitement surrounding our launch in The Netherlands we are delighted to invite you to the Eyeful Presentations.NL launch webinar.

clogsOver the last 6 years, Eyeful has gained international recognition as a company that has transformed the quality and impact of business presentations.

Our “Presentation Optimisation” approach is the secret ingredient behind the presentation success of companies like Adobe, American Express and Visa.

In this launch webinar, we’ll introduce you to the following:

  • Why most business presentations bore, confuse or simply miss the point.
  • What is Presentation Optimisation…and why is it so effective?
  • How a “Blended” approach allows you to think beyond the constraints of PowerPoint.

We’ll also be pulling upon real-life stories from companies just like yours to help demonstrate the dramatic impact of Presentation Optimisation.

If that’s not exciting enough we’ll also be offering a limited number of free Presentation Healthchecks to webinar attendees.  This comprehensive audit of your current presentation will highlight the areas that are working well…as well as identifying any areas that need development.

As always our webinars are open to friends old, new and as yet unknown so please join us on the latest leg of our international journey!

We look forward to “meeting” you on the 22nd at 12noon CET. Unfortunately space is limited so please reserve your Webinar seat by clicking here.

Eyeful Holland – Two Men Get Over Excited

Friday, August 19th, 2011 by Matt<

After all the hoopla of our announcement heralding the launch of Eyeful in The Netherlands, we thought it made sense to explain why we’re so very excited about this development.

In short, we believe The Netherlands is ready for Presentation Optimisation.

Reason #1

Many of the World’s largest and most innovative companies base themselves in The Netherlands.  They need to ensure that when they deliver their message, it’s clear, understood and compelling.

This is where Presentation Optimisation comes in.

Reason #2

We need strong partners to deliver the Presentation Optimisation methodology.  We’re not simply sticking “lipstick on a pig” – we’re about challenging the norm, delivering change and forcing people to rethink their traditional approach to presentations.

This is grown up stuff!

In Sander Reijn, we have just the man to deliver on our vision.  He’s also a very nice chap which we believe is also very important.

Reason #3

Many Dutch companies have been reaching out to Eyeful in the UK and asking for support and help.  We’re pleased as punch that they found us…and honoured that they want us involved.

We think that this level of interest deserves local support.  In much same way our local team are now making waves in the US, we’re excited about the impact the Eyeful Holland gang will have on businesses throughout The Netherlands.

Eyeful NL - Framed

To gain further insight into our plans for Eyeful Holland…and how you can get involved, click below to hear the first part of an interview with Eyeful founder Simon Morton and head honcho in Holland, Sander Reijn:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Presentation Optimisation…with clogs on

Monday, August 15th, 2011 by Simon<

There’s been excitement brewing here at Eyeful for some time and we’ve been itching to share the great news.  But we couldn’t…until now.

Eyeful is going Dutch!

Yep – we’ve joined forces with one of Holland’s top presentation agencies, The Presentation Architect, to launch Eyeful Presentations.NL

We believe the launch of Eyeful in Holland is rather marvellous news for our Dutch friends.

They now have direct access to Eyeful’s unique Presentation Optimisation methodology, the secret ingredient behind high impact presentations for the likes of American Express, Citibank and Microsoft.

Add to that the experience and skills of a crack team of consultants, project managers and presentation designers (recognised the World over as being at the very top of their game) and you’ve got all the ingredients needed to revolutionise the way Dutch companies present themselves.

To learn more about what we’re doing in the Netherlands, check out the launch minisite at or give the Dutch team a call on +31 036 844 86 84.

They’d love to hear from you…