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The Eyeful Gift Picker Guide

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 by Simon<

You braved the Black Friday crowds yet came out with nothing more than a few bruises. You scouted the net on Cyber Monday, contributing to servers falling over left, right and centre yet your shopping basket remains empty.

There’s no doubt – finding the right gift for your loved ones at Christmas can be stressful however the team at Eyeful bring good tidings! We’ve created a Gift Picker that will point you to some very fancy present ideas for your nearest and dearest. Simply click here to download the PowerPoint show (yep…PowerPoint!) and let the shopping begin!

The Technical Stuff

Yep, this was all done in PowerPoint by Hannah, one of the lovely and rather talented Eyeful Design Team. We could bore you with the incredible clever way we used triggers and hyperlinks…but it’s Christmas and you should be either getting drunk with colleagues at the company party or dressing a tree in tinsel whilst listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album.

Tell you what – why don’t you book yourself on one of our technical training days and we’ll tell you all about it then? In the meantime, enjoy the eggnog (and stay away from the photocopier).

And finally, on the 12th (Working) Day of Christmas, We Unveil The Final Card from Phil

Friday, December 21st, 2012 by Simon<

Our final gift to you is another Eyeful Eyedeer…

This is Phil’s entry and we judged this to be 3rd placed. Thank you to all our designers who entered (yes, there were more than three entries!!).  Next year we may even open the vote to you our lovely public (no pressure there, then!).

Merry Christmas from all at Eyeful Towers and our offices dotted around the World!

Although we are working over the Christmas break the blog will return in January 2013. Have fun and we look forward to chatting with you in 2013!

As always, holler if you’d like us to send you the original PowerPoint file for this!

On the 9th (Working) Day of Christmas, Nanci Wished All a Cool Yule…

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 by Simon<

Today we felt it was time to share with you another of our great Eyedeers (nope, still not tired of this pun!)

This was the second placed Christmas card design produced by Nanci … enjoy!

On the 8th (Working) Day, Rachel Started Giving Slide Redesign Away For Free…

Monday, December 17th, 2012 by Simon<

Today we have an offer for the first four readers to get in touch.

Those of you have looked at our website will know that we offer anyone a free Presentation Healthcheck where our consultants review your existing presentation and make suggestions or offer feedback on how it could work harder for you.

Today, the first four readers who make contact with Rachel Page, from our Marketing team, can not only receive a free Healthcheck but we’ll also redesign three slides for you absolutely FREE*

So fastest finger first….

Email: or call (UK) 01455 826395 and quote eighth day of Christmas

* Simon is currently holding his head in his hands at the Yuletide generosity that seems to have gripped the marketing team…

The Second (Working) Day of Christmas

Friday, December 7th, 2012 by Simon<

We are really proud of the creative bunch that inhabit our design studio. Not only do they WOW us at work, they go home and create little gems like this….

Created in After Effects (which isn’t a software package we use at Eyeful) we hope you enjoy Jack’s Christmas treat. We just wish that his desk was this tidy every day!!

You can visit the Eyeful Presentations YouTube channel by visiting

More tomorrow….


And the winner of the 2011 Christmas PowerPoint is…

Monday, December 19th, 2011 by Simon<

Every year, we ask our über talented designers to enter our Christmas Card Competition.

Regular readers may recall the festive fun and games from previous years.  Who could forget 2010’s blizzard of brilliance or 2009’s unadulterated jazz theme?  Over time, this annual contest has grown in ferocity and status…2011’s winning entry was always going to have to be a cracker (excuse the pun)!

So with no further delay, we take great pleasure in unveiling this year’s winner courtesy of Nacho (two wins on the trot…he’s going for the hatrick in 2012).  A sizeable cheque is wending it’s way to The Red Cross on your behalf – wonderful stuff, Nacho!

I guess just leaves me, on behalf of the entire Eyeful team across the globe, to wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break and a successful 2012.

Thanks for making 2011 our best year yet…we can’t wait to get started on 2012!

Festive Friday Fun…

Friday, December 16th, 2011 by Justine<

All the Christmas drinks and canapes are starting to blur into one…  The sneaking suspicion that we’ve forgotten someone on the office Secret Santa is close to becoming a full time obsession…  Tinsel is being worn in hair and around PC screens across Eyeful Towers…

We admit it.  We’re getting very excited about Christmas.

So in a short break from tweaking our lovely new website, Justine (the Bernie Taupin to Simon’s Elton John) has crafted the following lyrics to the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Note – this is not an audio file to avoid contravening the Geneva Convention on cruel and unusual punishment!

Presenter stands, are you listening?

What’s the theme, something’s missing?

I’m falling asleep, I think I might weep,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


I don’t know what he’s saying,

But I see people praying,

They want a reprieve, they’re gagging to leave,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Ploughing on without purpose,

Like a clown at the circus,

He’s breaking my heart with cliché clipart,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Slide fifty four, It’s not funny,

‘Cause you know time is money,

If the next bullets mine, then that will be fine,

Where’s the Eyeful Magic that it needs?


Later on when it’s finished,

I’m at home, stress diminished,

Next month it’s my turn, here’s a lesson I’ve learned,

To get the Eyeful Magic that I need!

Christmas/Birthdays/Anniversaries – Any Excuse for a Cake…

Thursday, December 30th, 2010 by Simon<

Just a quick blog, this one…  Here’s the caveat – this has absolutely nothing to do with presentations, PowerPoint or Keynote.

Nope – we just thought we’d take some time out during the post Christmas/pre-New Year lull to show off the baking talents of “Project Management” Vicki

Exhibit A – Matt’s birthday cake Earful cake - framed

Matt is the audio production wizard behind our sister company, Earful Productions LLP

With this in mind, Vicki set to work to prepare this Earful themed cake, complete with iPod headphones. 

Ruddy marvellous and very much in line with Matt’s character.

What concerns me everso slightly is the fact that my birthday cake was in the shape of a dinosaur.  No offence taken, Vicki…

Tis the Season to be Jolly…& Show Off in PowerPoint

Monday, December 20th, 2010 by Simon<

We’ve had a ruddy marvellous 2010 here at Eyeful Towers

The last 12 months have brought new team members, new customers, new partners..and new friends.  In keeping with Eyeful tradition, we’ll be producing another tongue-in-cheek Top 10 year review over the few days so keep an ear out…you may be mentioned!

Another tradition we’re immensely proud of is the annual Eyeful Designer Christmas Card Competition (we really should come up with a snappier title).  

The prize is a heady mixture of professional pride and the ability to choose the charity to which Eyeful will make a hefty contribution.  After much jostling for position and plain old design inspiration, our 2010 winner is Nacho – check out his masterpiece below:

Nacho has chosen to support the wonderful work of Médecins Sans Frontières – a great choice.

On behalf of the entire Eyeful team across the globe, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year. 

Now…time for another mince pie, I wager…