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The Presentation Lab – Your Questions Answered

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by Justine<

With just four days to go until it hits the shelves The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations is already causing quite a stir.

Friends, customers and presentation enthusiasts from around the globe are eagerly signing up for our launch event (and already enjoying the first chapter of the book).

But what about the cynics, naysayers and those who have simply given up on ever seeing (or delivering) a presentations that is anything more than tedious, why should they be interested? After all how can a book make that much difference to someone who presents only because they have to?

Here, Theo Van Dort from Inclusive Video interviews author and Eyeful MD Simon Morton to try and find out…..


Signing up to find out more is really easy simply click through this link for access to download the first chapter of the book.


Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s the Presentation Lab Book Launch

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 by Justine<

The Presentation Lab: The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations is about to be released unaccompanied to an eagerly awaiting audience and we’d love you all to join us as we help it set sail.

We’ve pondered long and hard on just how to help it on its way. Smashing a bottle of fizz on it is obviously out of the question (no-one likes a damp sticky book) and while rolling out the red carpet is tempting, we’d have to roll it a long way to welcome all our friends from around the globe.

Fortunately, this is Eyeful and we’ve got a reputation to uphold, so we’ve hatched a cunning plan that will allow everyone to get a little taste of the book and find out what all the fuss is about.

On Monday 31st March at 16.00 UK time (11.00 EDT / 08.00 PDT) we’ll be welcoming anyone with an internet connection to join us at our virtual launch party. We’ve kept the good bits of the party experience (chatting with friends, catching up on gossip, meeting new people) and ditched the crabby bits (deciding what to wear, getting stuck with the weirdo and trying to get a cab) so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Everyone who registers to attend will also get free access to read the first chapter of the book without ever having to find a quiet corner of a bookshop.

To get your name on the guest list simply click through this link and give us your details.


The Presentation Lab Book Launch – Get on the Guest List

Friday, March 21st, 2014 by Justine<

March 31st 2014 is going to be a big day for us here at Eyeful – it’s the day that The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations officially hits the shelves in North America (the UK and Europe will have to wait a few weeks).

We’ve taken you through the trials and tribulations of writing the book and given you some sneaky peeks into what the book contains, but right now what we’d really like to do is invite you all to join us as we set it free.

With so many friends spread around the globe, a bottle of fizz and a few wilted canapés just aren’t going to be enough so we’ve decided to bypass the traditional launch party and do something much more inclusive – here’s the lowdown.

On Monday March 31st at 16.00 UK time (11.00 EDT / 08.00 PDT) we’ll be bringing everyone together for a virtual launch event. There’s no need to dress up or practice small talk all you need to take part is an internet connection and an inquiring mind. There’ll be comment from industry experts, insight into what the book is about and a live Q&A with the author.

Attendance is free and registering is easy – simply click through this link and give us your details.

Registering will give you instant access to the first chapter of the book and entry into a prize draw to receive signed copies of the book* and some other goodies too.

Presentation lab soft copy

*Eyeful Presentations accepts no responsibility regarding any increase (or decrease) in face value that signing the book may bring.


Who Should Buy The Book?

Thursday, March 13th, 2014 by Justine<

We’re going to avoid the obvious temptation to suggest that everyone should reach for their wallets and invest in a copy of The Presentation Lab: The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations. This is Eyeful Presentations and we’ve got a reputation to uphold so we’re going to try and be a little more objective and a lot more helpful.

Firstly we can summarily deter some of our potential audience by clarifying the following: if you’re looking for a book that tells you how to make your existing PowerPoint slides prettier, this isn’t it. It’s also not a book that regurgitates the same old “text is bad, images are good” insight that we all kinda know anyway.  So, dear reader, if that’s what you want you can put your twenty quid away and keep browsing.

This is a book designed to be read and then actioned upon.  An unread book is an inherently sad thing and the universe mourns for its unappreciated existence and unfulfilled potential…no more so than when it’s a book written with the avowed intent of making the most out of each and every presentation.

So buying the book is really neither here nor there, the real question is – Who should READ* the book?

Well we’re confident in saying that there’ll be something of interest to anyone who ever has to formulate/write/design/deliver a presentation. And there will be much fuel for evangelism by those who suffer at the hands of poor practice in any of those areas too.

But maybe most importantly this book should be read by anyone who for one moment thinks that any of their competitors might have got their hands on a copy. We’ve often reminded our readers that a poor presentation is a gift to your competitors and a presentation that isn’t making the most of the latest presentation thinking and innovation will be the gift that just keeps giving.

For any of you still in doubt, our intrepid MD (and author of the aforementioned tome) explains all…


*please be aware the Eyeful Presentations in no way intends to encourage or endorse the acquisition or retention of The Presentation Lab book by any means other than the tradition ‘cash for product’ exchange system.


Sales Enablement –The Debunking Begins

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by Justine<

Sales Enablement is a hot topic, and as is want to happen when something becomes big news, there are thousands of pages of wisdom on the subject. But thousands of pages don’t necessarily equate to answers that make sense for you, and your business, right now.

Well known for our inquiring minds, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper into this murky netherworld to try and find out what it’s all about. In true Eyeful style we’re sharing the results of our investigation with our lovely readers, starting tomorrow we’ll be airing our insights on some of the key issues and we’ll be topping the whole thing off with a lovely new whitepaper which will be available to download next Monday.

So for those of you bamboozled by Sales Enablement ‘science’, unsure of whether there’s anything of worth hidden in the arguments or simply embraced by curiosity, watch this space and we will reveal all…


From Back Bedroom to International Business

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 by Justine<

Today at 12.30 (GMT) Simon will be online with our friends from Smarta answering questions about how Eyeful went from back bedroom enterprise to world leading business.

It’s been an interesting journey and he’ll be sharing some of his thoughts and valuable insights into how British businesses are able to make a huge impression in global markets.

Asking a question is easy and you don’t even have to be free at 12.30 to join in, simply leave your question and collect your answer later….

Click through this link to join in


The Presenters New Best Friend?

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 by Justine<

Today sees the launch of a natty little app from Microsoft that has been lauded by some as the presenters new best friend.

We’ve had a nosy around the reviews and we think they may well be right, but as always getting the best from this new piece of software relies on taming the dreaded ‘tech compatibility’ issues.

If you have a Bluetooth enabled PC or laptop running Office 2013 (not RT) and a smartphone with a Windows 8 operating system you’re in luck. With one (or more correctly two) quick downloads you can now use your phone to point, advance and display the speaker notes for your presentation. Which we have to say is kinda cool for you – and fairly frustrating for those of us left milling about in the tech wastelands until it becomes available on other operating systems.

The Office Remote App will also allow you to dance gracefully around Excel spread sheets and Word documents too, should the fancy take you.

Great stuff indeed but we feel compelled to add in a couple of caveats:

We’ve previously shared our views on the over use of smartphones and therefore feel duty bound to mention that seeing the presenter ‘on the phone’ could be seen as a green light for the audience to do the same.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the more mischievous among us have noted the possibility that this brings for audience members to ‘encourage progression’ of any particularly tedious presentations that they are subjected to. All it takes is an industrious attendee with the app and an insecure Bluetooth connection and you’ll all be enjoying coffee and Danish pastries sooner than you think…

That aside, we come out in favour of stuff that makes great presentations better. But for those of you still hawking around text heavy, egocentric slides this gizmo won’t make any difference at all. Sorry, but flashing the tech will never be as effective as an engaging presentation, in the same way that delivering cold, soggy fish and chips in a Learjet doesn’t make them taste any better.


Bid Professionals Embrace Blended Presenting: Conference Report from APMP UK

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 by Simon<

For the last 11 years the great and good of the UK bid and proposal industry have got together to share ideas, learn new skills, review best practices and, let’s be frank, catch up on a bit of industry gossip.

As each year passed, the venue got bigger and the delegate list more international, culminating last week in the largest shindig to date set in the beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds. I was naturally pleased as punch to be invited to speak at this years event and share the pitch power of Blended Presenting, offer views on Sales Enablement and share a sneaky peek into the forthcoming Presentation Lab book.


A Welcoming Crowd

The first thing that struck me was how welcoming everyone was.  It was a truly supportive environment with old friends reunited and new contacts quickly being formed over coffee (or beer as the evening started).

There was a real sense of the industry wanting to drive things forward (indeed, the theme of this year’s event was ‘The Moves To Win’) and each and every delegate seemed hungry for the next addition to their skill set.


The Potential of The Presentation

The positive vibes and happy enthusiasm of the delegates continued as I shared our experiences and ideas around the topic of Blended Presenting.

The presentation ambled through all manner of topics, from audience heatmaps, the longstanding issue of the Presentation Paradox and the power of story as part of the entire sales/bid process (including a nod to the hot topic of Sales Enablement).

The exciting conclusion I garnered from the audience was that the bid and proposal sector completely understands the value of a powerful and well-planned presentation.  The biggest frustration is that they are hamstrung with the same issues of not enough time or resource to do the job properly.


Key Takeaway – Turning Frustration Into Hope…& Results
Despite the all-too-familiar story of limited time and resource, there was a palpable sense that things are starting to change…fast.

The people at the forefront of this change, delegates at events like APMP UK, are starting to make waves and demonstrate the value of well-resourced bids and pitch presentations.  They are the teams creating the most compelling propositions, delivering the most persuasive presentations and ultimately winning the most deals.


The big question is how long can they keep it a secret?  My suggestion is that if you have anything to do with bids or proposals, you need to get yourself along to the nearest APMP event and find out from those in the know…


Presentation ROI (or The Elephant That Came To Tea)

Friday, October 18th, 2013 by Justine<

Our customers are a varied bunch, they come from all over the world, represent every business sector you can (and sometimes can’t) imagine and need our help in a plethora of situations. There are only two things that they all have in common, they all need a presentation and they all want to know how much it will cost.

As a specialist presentation consultation and design business we’re (obviously) happy to help on both counts. We give our customers great presentations and we use one of the clearest pricing strategies around.

So far, so good.

It all gets a little trickier when the conversation moves from ‘what does it cost?’ to ‘what is it worth?’

Return on investment (ROI) is the elephant in the room here and in true Eyeful style we’ve decided not just to acknowledge its presence but to also throw down some straw, put the kettle on and bring out the biscuit tin.

Sometimes the sums are easy, if you’re pitching for business worth millions then spending a few thousand on getting it right is a sound investment, but for most of our customers it’s a little more complicated than that.

It’s easy to think of a presentation as just that. Understanding that a presentation can be developed and used as more of a ‘swiss army’ sales and marketing tool is the first step to realising the full potential and increasing your ROI. Repurposing and Blended Presenting are just two useful ways that we help our customers achieve more bang for their buck but the story doesn’t end there.

So for all the bean counters, number crunchers, budget watchers and bottom line guardians out there we’ve pulled together something that might help you quantify what a great presentation can achieve in terms of ROI.

Simply grab a cuppa (three sugars for the elephant please and you may want to leave the best china in the cupboard) and watch the video….



Monday Sales Inspiration

Monday, September 30th, 2013 by Justine<

It’s Monday again and once the trawl through the weekend spam is finished the new week begins in earnest. The question is, will this week be just like last week or can you make a real impact on those sales figures?

All it takes to make this week special is a little extra inspiration and here at Eyeful we’re ready to help you make the difference.

Our free autumn update webinar is full of tips to help you make the changes that will mark this week as the turning point in your sales strategy.

It’s a long journey from hello to handshake and we can help you every step of the way.

To join us at 12 noon today please click here

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